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DreamLine - SHDR-3148586-FR2 Aqua

DreamLine - SHDR-3148586-FR2  Aqua
48" W x 58" H
Tub Doors
Frameless glass design
Tempered 1/4" frosted glass
Glass door is for right-wall installation
Out-of-plumb installation adjustability: Up to 1/4 in. one side
Anodized aluminum wall profile
A convenient towel bar on the outside panel
      Product Code:
SHDR-3148586-01-FR2 Chrome
SHDR-3148586-04-FR2 Brushed Nickel

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   $428.40 Model: SHDR-3148586-01-FR2 Chrome hinges on the right
Availability:  in stock
   $443.10 Model: SHDR-3148586-04-FR2 Brushed Nickel hinges on the right
Availability:  in stock
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Dreamline Aqua – 48" W x 58" H

Manufacturer Part Number: SHDR-3148586-01-FR2 | SHDR-3148586-04-FR2

Tub door SHDR-3148586-01-FR2 chrome hardware (SHDR-3148586-04-FR2 brushed nickel hardware) - the door is 48" wide and 58" tall. This door is made out of 1/4" thick, tempered frosted glass, and is designed only for the right wall installation.  

DreamLine Aqua doors have a unique open door design - the door serves as a curtain to contain the water splash within the shower and leaves an open space between the end of the door and the opposite wall to the shower head. Aqua doors are made out of 1/4" thick, frosted tempered glass. A complete Aqua door installation consists of a stationary glass panel attached to the wall with a wall profile and a hinged door designed to open outward. The wall profile allows for out-of-plumb adjustments for a perfect fit. The standard clear glass DreamLine Aqua door is reversible for left or right side installations. DreamLine Aqua doors use a support arm at the top of the stationary panel in order to secure and stabilize the frameless structure. The support arm attaches at the top to the stationary panel and to the adjacent wall, thus these doors need to be installed on flat walls.  

To assure a long lasting finish the owner needs to wipe off the metal parts after each use with a soft cloth. Never use abrasive cleaners or cleaning products containing ammonia, bleach or acid. If accidentally used, the surface needs to be rinsed as soon as possible to prevent finish corrosion. After cleaning the shiny finishes, they need to be rinsed thoroughly and wiped dry with soft cloth. When applying stainless steel cleaner or polish never use abrasive sponge or cloth, steel wool or wired brushes.

Models: SHDR-3148586-01-FR2 Chrome hinges on the right   SHDR-3148586-04-FR2 Brushed Nickel hinges on the right   SHDR3148586FR2   bathtub doors   SHDR 3148586 FR2   SHDR3148586FR2